Glass Bongs as Fine Art

There is some interesting trivia that is attached to glass blown bongs. In some wonderful circles they have become fine art. What makes something or a certain craft a piece of fine art? It means generally that there is a process that is a very intense process to do and takes special tools to accomplish. It is generally a delicate process and it is in one medium to be considered fine art. In this case, doing the glass blown bongs it can not be done with any cheats it has to be done the original way to be considered fine art. Many galleries are doing special sections for glass blown bongs and you will be able to see them being sold at art walks where ten years ago this was not that popular. Being shown in fine art galleries and art walks that are a bit more high-end means that they are gaining popularity. They have to have an audience in order to make it into those arenas.

Many hot glass studios are popping up here and there. This is a great experience to have when you can walk in and pay a few bucks to work on a piece of your own. Bongs are complicated so you would have to join an actual class in order to be able to make a glass blown bong. This can cost you a couple hundred dollars. But the outcome to have made your own and be a part of the process is great.

If you wish to become a collector the best thing to do is go online to find the places with the most choice. This way you can start at the lower price points and move up from there. This is a great way to get a feel for the colors and shapes you like as well as where you want to put them. You can get real creative with these works of art.