Dr Bass vs BassTurbo – The Review

So, you are looking into creating your own music, your own beats, and you even want to make some money from it online? That’s great, however one thing you need to know quickly is what audio software is best for you. I have looked at two of the real big dogs in the beat making business – Dr. Bass and BassTurbo. Read ahead to find out what I prefer, and why I recommend using one over the other. Which dubstep making software will be better for you to create that sick beat.

Dr Bass

As a newBASSFacely created software which has not been on the market to long, it has become one of the softwares to rival bassurbo, after a long monopoly on the market. If you read around music forums, you get a lot of people slamming it for its lack of professional user interface and people even laughing at Dr Bass, slating it for being a sub-par piece of equipment. However, having used the software a lot recently, we can categorically deny these opinions are true – it is a fantastic piece of kit which deserves a lot of credit for trying to break into a market already dominated.

The positives Dr Drum does bring to the table is the ability to export your files in a .WAV format which allows you to export your audio in the best quality possible, as .WAV has a higher output rater than .MP3.

It’s very simple to use software and if you are just starting out on the music scene, then Dr.Bass is fantastic. It gives you pro level of control over your music and gives you something that can allow you to get to grips with nuances and the standards required to make good music. If you are looking to create some samples and pro beats, then BassTurbo may also be of use to you. But with such a plethora of firepower available in Dr.Bass, for getting started as a newbie, we highly recommend Dr.Bass, and if you go for BassTurbo, then you can go a little higher up the ring, but it is pretty advanced compared to Dr Drum.


BassTurbo is certainly more of a professional tool – it is the most commonly used tool of this type. It comes fully equipped with everything that you need to create quality tunes, but you just need to know what you are dealing with, it’s a very advanced piece of kit and gives you NKB 02unreal amounts of power.

It comes with an Octave Keyboard, which have 4 octave keyboards in there which obviously gives you huge flexibility to your music and how it will sound, you can place melodies into the music, switch between instruments with a few clicks and very quickly, edit melodies simply, and is highly optimised.

You also get a drum machine, which is very easy to set up quality metronomes and giving you ten different drum pads to work from for variation. You also get a track sequencer, which allows you to change patterns in the music, drag anything into the tool to copy any pattern, set up hot keys to easily control the software and how you mix the music together, as well a library of samples that are massive.



BassTurbo It is absolutely heaving with features and gives you all the equipment you need to work with, but I personally –recommend Dr.Bass, if your are a complete beginner. Dr.Bass is less feature heavy, but is a lot easier to get to grips with and you can start making music today with it, tho BassTurbo is not that difficult to master but require a little bit more learning curve then Dr.Bass to not sound like a complete amateur, so if you got some experience in beat making you should go for BassTurbo. Take a look for yourself and decide which one of the two dubstep making software is best for you, Jason Hope a at home fun producer said that at least now you should have a little bit more insight and I hope that I managed to point you in the right direction http://www.inquisitr.com/1366473/jason-hope-thinks-hospitality-industry-needs-internet-of-things-too/. Below is a link to each of these dubstep making softwares offical websites.


Final Words – Introducing WobbleBOSS VST!

Worth to mention is that the creators of BassTurbo also have a wicked VST called WobbleBOSS. With this software you can creative really sick ‘n hard bas sounds for your tracks. I highly recommend this VST software if you are used to work in Cubase, Abelton or any other software you are familiar with. I do not however recommend this for beginners since you will need the understanding and knowledge to work with very advanced software. Ofcourse you can always check it out and prepare for the next step in electronic music making.