History of Glass Blown Bongs


It’s hard enough to do glass blowing in the first place but back in the day; anything that was blown glass was worth its weight in diamonds. Because of the skill and equipment needed as well as the time it took to craft a small piece– blown glass pieces were a collection reserved for the rich. In fact-it was mostly royalty that enjoyed the luxury of blown glass.

Glass bongs were made for medicinal herbs in the East and later in the US as well as tobacco use. They were chosen for this task simply because of the ability to hold water at a certain temperature and vaporize when needed depending on the function. Modern glass bong devices and accessories can be found online at Bongoutlet.

The old method was called Roman Glass Molding and was extremely difficult to do. The smallest pieces cost a mint and were generally used by priests for ritual. Later this same prices became glass blowing.

Today the process is just as daunting and difficult but it has been enhanced by the new technologies. It’s gone into Pyrex and oxides. It’s charm has not been taken into the 21st century to the point of actually being ushered into the computer age. This cannot be done in a 3D printer as of yet and why would you want it to? It’s a long lost art that has been developed over time. So many objects can be made from this process. You have and take for granted the small animals and shape that we make our glass menageries. The process for these objects that are often sold way below what they are worth.

Glass blown bongs are a special breed of products that are so much more than what they are labeled for. Some of those purposes are not attractive to members of the general public–at least in past recent decades. But they have come a long way.

Glass Blown Bongs as a Work of Art
They have come a long way in regard to being a piece of attractive art to keep somewhere in the house. Many people that don’t use them for their traditional purposes and some don’t use them at all. Some hot glass artists will make them very colorful and in some crazy shapes and many have collectors for just their glass blown bongs. The bongs themselves can be sold for anywhere from a mere $10.00 US for a tiny one up to thousands of dollars for a gigantic one. Some people have converted their bongs to place in beautiful indoor gardens for self watering.